Jessica & Peter

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


We cook at home, from scratch, most nights. It's an activity that we do as a family, and we feel it brings us closer together.
We enjoy watching live sporting events whenever we get the chance. We can't wait to sing, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with our child!
We love spending time with family - and we have a big one!
We love to go to the beach to play (especially Oliver)! When we go, we often bring games like bocce, play soccer with Oliver, and splash in the waves.
We have rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted-out 5 dogs, and are supporters of dog rescues in various cities. We care for all of God's creatures!
We grew up skiing and plan to introduce our children to skiing and winter sports as soon as they are big enough!
We grew up (Oliver too!) doing many water sports and always need to be near water. We sail, power boat, row, kayak, snorkel, and swim!
We love taking bike rides as a family! Oliver comes too...he has his own bike trailer so that he doesn't miss any of the family fun!
Cheese, please! We are huge cheese fans! In fact, at our wedding, we had an entire table of cheeses from around the world!
We love hiking in the beautiful state and national parks in the US! Oliver loves to climb mountains too!
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